established January 27th, 2012

Pastel goth is a style for those who not only like the dark side of things, like death, darkness, black & metal, but also love pastels because to them they aren’t colors but a way of life & being, life is bright and beautiful to them but can also be dark and depressing, people who are on the other spectrum of society and who are not accepted for who they are. People that are define themselves with blacks but express themselves with color.

This blog was created because I could not seem to find a decent pastel goth or bubble goth blog on tumblr. So since there wasn’t one I decided to take it into my own hands to create this blog to satisfy my fashion needs. I believe this style of pastel goth was born from a combination of fairy kei and lolita. Also Kerli created her very own style Bubble Goth to fit her sense of style. To me pastel or bubble goth is taking pastel colors, cute and combining it with a gothic edge. I will add photos that I believe to fit this category. If you would like to submit photos then don’t be afraid to. I will also make tutorials to create some unique beautiful pieces to add to your wardrobe. I do not own photos unless otherwise stated. If you would like credits fixed please ask me nicely & I will do so.


My name is Vanessa Lauren. I am twenty-three years young, a professional makeup artist, æsthetician and witch. I love fashion and like to mix dark, creepy and black things with cute, cuddly and pastel things. I love anime, pokemon, cats, netflix, snakes, cartoons,heavy metal, dubstep, sarcasm and laughing. I’m a child at heart and kind to everyone till your rub me the wrong way so no hating. If you need help, advice or someone to talk to I am here for you. LOVE LOVE XO

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